By default, the Raspberry Pi is running Windows.

    If you want to install the Apache Web Server on the Raspberry PI, we’re going to walk you through the process of doing just that.

    First, we’ll need to install a free WordPress theme.

    You can get the official theme from ThemeForest.

    Next, we need to set up a DNS server on the Pi.

    DNS is an internet protocol, meaning it connects a network to another network to route information between two networks.

    We can use the Raspberry pi as a DNS node.

    We’ll use the localhost address to configure the Pi as a server.

    Next up, we want to make sure we’re connecting to a public DNS server.

    We want to use the DNS server we configured earlier.

    We need to change the IP address to, and set the TTL to 1 hour.

    Then we’ll want to update the DNS records with our newly created WordPress site.

    The WordPress site should be up and running now.

    Open a terminal and run the following commands: sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf sudo nano $HOME/.ssh/config sudo nano wp-config.php Open the file and change the default root password from “root” to “admin”.

    Now, we can edit the wp.config file.

    You’ll want the following two lines in your file: hostname=$HOME/ server=$HOME/public_html/ To add the new line to the end of your file, replace $HOME/private_html_public_index.php with your public IP address.

    sudo nano .htaccess file If you don’t have a public IP, you’ll need a new one.

    sudo apt-get update sudo apt – get install -y openvpn sudo nano ../etc/openvpn/options sudo nano configuration file To add a new line, you can do so with the CTRL+Z shortcut.

    If this file isn’t in your current directory, you need to navigate to the directory and run sudo nano config.php.

    This will add a line for your new server address.

    Finally, to update your DNS records, run the command: sudo vim /etc /resolvi.conf Open the config file and replace the hostname with the IP of your new site.

    Save and exit.

    Now we need our new WordPress site to load.

    Open up the file in your favorite text editor.

    If the file isn’t in your public index.php, you probably need to create one and move it somewhere else.

    For instance, the .htpasswd file will do the trick.

    The file is located at /etc:/etc/hosts file.

    Change the entry to point to the newly created .htsite directory.

    You will need to edit the file to point the new .ht site to the public IP.

    Add the following line to your file.

    Save the file.

    sudo vi /etc/.htaccess sudo vi .ht/site-name.php Change the file’s name to the name of the new site and replace .ht with your new public IP: host = www.example


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