Posted February 14, 2019 10:31:38 Microsoft is working with Google to create a new dashboard for health and exercise tracking.

    The HoloLens augmented reality headset uses sensors and cameras to track physical activity across the body.

    It’s expected to launch sometime next year.

    “This is something we are looking at in the next few weeks,” Microsoft spokesperson Jessica Gwynn told Polygon.

    “We will have a lot of announcements on this very soon.”

    Microsoft’s announcement comes just a day after Microsoft’s HoloLens developer program officially launched.

    Developers can sign up for an account with the HoloFi developer program and access a developer portal where they can submit code to the headset.

    HoloFi, which is being marketed as a fitness tracker, has an initial release and an alpha release slated for Q1 2019.

    The company says the beta program has already taken over 100,000 users through the beta testing phase.

    The beta program is also available to other developers, who can download the SDK and access the app store.

    The Windows 10 IoT platform has become the dominant platform for augmented reality in the industry.

    Microsoft is partnering with companies like Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, and Panasonic to build software for the HoloLight.

    Google recently purchased Google Glass maker Metaio, which has been developing the Metaio platform for HoloLens.

    Google Glass uses a hardware and software design similar to Metaio.

    “In many ways, HoloLens is the next generation of wearable technology,” Gwynnn said.

    “Google Glass and Metaio will provide us with a new platform that’s easier for us to make these kinds of augmented reality experiences.”

    HoloLens has a camera that can capture video, audio, and video and audio and visual data and then feed that into the HoloView, a head mounted display that uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to track user movement.

    Gwynnen said that the team will continue to work on HoloLens and that “this is going to be a really exciting year.”

    “I think we’re going to see more of these experiences,” she said.

    Microsoft has been experimenting with using HoloLens in real life.

    In February, Microsoft unveiled the HoloVision app for Windows 10, an augmented reality augmented reality video app that uses the HoloLenses technology.

    In March, Microsoft announced HoloLens 2, an enhanced version of HoloLens that uses a variety of new sensors and devices to provide an enhanced experience for users.

    Microsoft also announced that the HoloSense app will be coming to Windows 10.

    It will allow users to see how well the device is tracking their head movements, and will be a “better way to experience our products in real-time,” according to the company.

    HoloLens developers are encouraged to submit their code for HoloView development, and Google will give developers access to the HoloMapper API, which will allow them to test out new sensors, new apps, and other new hardware features in HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 3.

    “HoloLens is a big step forward in the development of this future of computing,” Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Brad Smith said in a statement.

    “As we begin to create the first-class consumer-facing augmented reality solutions, we’re also taking an even bigger step toward creating a new generation of connected, interactive, and self-aware computing devices.”


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