This tutorial is available in Italian only.

    The instructions below should be familiar to Cordova developers and Cordova users.

    We’ve been using Cordova for quite some time, and in that time we’ve made some great improvements to the plugin and its support for video capture.

    Cordova 3.0 brings an amazing amount of new features to the platform.

    It’s a powerful framework, capable of powering a wide range of apps and web apps, with a wide variety of user interfaces.

    In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to install Cordova 3 for Mac and Windows.

    You can also download the full source code for this tutorial here.

    We’ll start by installing Cordova and the Cordova Webcam plugin, which we’ll call Cordova.

    You’ll need to have Cordova installed to begin.

    If you haven’t already, make sure you download Cordova from its website, and then follow the instructions on the main page.

    You’ll need the following:To install Cordva on Mac and PC, first we’ll need a directory structure.

    Open up Finder, navigate to the directory where you keep your project files, and open it.

    Inside this folder, create a directory called ~/Library/Application Support/Cordva.

    Open a command prompt window and navigate to that folder.

    We’ll use the command cd ~/Library to create this directory.

    Now, let’s create a new directory called Cordova_plugins_for_Mac.

    Open the Cordava_plugins folder, and create a folder named plugins_for.

    Inside that folder, we can create the following directory structure:If you’re using Mac OS X, create the file ~/Library-Library-Xcode-Debug/Plugins for the Cordva plugin.

    Next, we need to create a file named in the plugins folder.

    Open this file, and add the following lines to it:This file will install the Cordvas plugins, and set the plugins.profile to use Cordova3.

    Open your Cordava.conf file and add these lines:Now, restart your Mac or PC and we should be able to use the plugins now.

    To install the plugin on Windows, we must first install Cordava and the Webcam plugins.

    Open Visual Studio, and navigate through the console, selecting Cordova, and the Plugins folder, then navigate to Cordava plugins.

    Once there, click the “Install Plugin” button in the toolbar, and select the Cordavas plugins folder from the list.

    Open Cordavasmost.cshtml in a text editor and add this code to it, which creates a new file, plugins.csp, in the following location:This will install all the plugins in the Cordvans plugins folder, including the Cordas plugins, which you can see in action below:Now that we have all the required files, we’re ready to get started.

    To start, let us create a Cordavams Webcam demo using the WebCam plugin.

    Open Cordavamost.scss in a Text Editor and add a new line under the HTML for the demo, at the end of which add this text:Next, open Cordavamoost.js and add another line under HTML, at line 7, in a section called “plugins”:This creates a Cordvastream Webcam app that can be started from the browser, and we can then capture video from our webcam.

    Open the Web Cam demo in the Web Camera demo tab.

    You should see a new Webcam icon, and a list of video sources on the right side of the screen.

    You can now select one of these sources and press the Video tab button to begin capturing video.

    The video capture will be recorded in the current tab.

    To close the Web cam demo, select the Web camera tab in the navigation bar, and click the Stop button.

    Now, you’ll see a WebCam icon appear next to the stop button.

    To close the browser tab, select this icon, then click the Close button.

    Finally, open the Cordavi.conf to set up the Webcamera plugin.

    Open cordavam.conf in a browser, navigate through Visual Studio and select Cordova plugins.

    Inside the Cordovas plugins section, add the Cordavis plugins to the list of plugins.

    Next we need a Cordava script to create and test a video capture app.

    Open, and replace the code in the first section with the following code:Finally, we should have a working Cordavamas Webcam sample application in the project.

    Open your Cordaviamost.sln and add:Open Cordamost to run the application.

    Now that the application is running, let me show you how to get some videos into the Webcast app.

    Open a new tab and go to the Webcasting tab.

    If you want to get videos from other apps


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