The first steps to becoming an executive are always to get on the internet and see what the other people are saying.

    “You want to be able to answer any question you have, and be able answer any questions that you want,” says Biju Krishnan, founder and CEO of Bijuan, a Mumbai-based software company that helps companies create and manage social media platforms.

    The company recently raised $200 million in Series A funding from the likes of Sequoia Capital, Sequoias Venture Capital, and Sequoian Capital.

    And like any good entrepreneur, Krishnan likes to take his time before setting up his social media team.

    “If you start small, you will never get big,” he says.

    “I think you need to think about the way you interact with people in the company.”

    Bijuan works with more than 3,000 companies, and its products include social media analytics, platform-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, and mobile-first applications.

    The startup recently launched an app for Instagram, which allows users to search for Instagram photos with hashtags.

    Bijuais team also works on product design for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

    It helps companies manage their social media accounts and manage influencers on their platforms.

    The company’s CEO says it is one of the few that works with a variety of platforms, and that its work is always done in the context of the company.

    “You need to get people to use the product in a specific way, and make sure that people who are not already using it get the right message.

    If you don’t have this right message, the people who use it, they will never use it,” he said.

    The most important part of Krishnan’s business, he says, is to be an “informal leader”, meaning he is not in the room when decisions are made.

    Bijuyan also says his team does not need to be in a big office or company to work with the other team members.

    “We are not managers or bosses.

    We are just human beings, and we work for each other,” he explains.

    “If you can’t find a way to build trust and trust that you can trust your team, you might not be able succeed.”

    Like any good executive, Krishnans goal is to build a strong, loyal, and diverse social media following.

    “The best part of it is that you don, too, can do it, and it doesn’t require you to be a CEO or a CTO,” he adds.

    “So if you have an idea and you think you can get some followers, you can do that.

    You can do your marketing, and you can build your network.

    We want to build your brand.”

    For a small startup, Bijujnan’s social media experience is not something you have to wait for.

    “There is no time like the present.

    There are always opportunities to grow your company, and to become a great CMO,” he told Business Standard.

    “Social media is going to be the first one to go, and I am not waiting.

    I want to do it today.”


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