Facebook is making it easier for students to learn the history behind the internet.

    It’s giving them tools to explore what is being written and shared on the social network.

    Here are some ways to start.

    How to search and browse the history site How to access and use the history page How to get into the history database How to add and share links How to read the history in a new window How to save a history history page on your desktop How to see the last 15 posts a user has made History history has been the internet’s most common form of content for years.

    Now, with more than 40 million people using Facebook every month, the company has expanded its search and navigation tools to allow students to search for content in the past, present, and future.

    Students can use the social networking site to search, browse, share, and read history on a site-by-site basis, according to a company blog post.

    “We’ve seen an explosion in interest in history on Facebook over the past few years.

    But the past is often a place where history can be elusive,” said John D. Sargent, Facebook’s head of digital media.

    “The history site is here to help students discover that, as well as sharing and understanding what they can learn from the past.”

    To search for the history you want, go to your account page.

    Click the “History” tab.

    Tap on “Search history.”

    From the drop-down menu, select “Recent history.”

    Click “Search History,” then “History.”

    To read history in your browser, use the “history” link on the bottom right corner of your screen.

    The history history link can also be used to view past posts or browse to past topics.

    For a list of all of the history topics, scroll down to “History Topics.”

    From here, click on the “Search” link to view a list that includes the topics you want to see.

    The timeline, a series of links, that lets you view history, can also help you find a post or link.

    To view your timeline, click the “Edit Timeline” link.

    From here you can create a timeline for each event or topic that you want on the history.

    In some cases, you can view posts by an event or author.

    To create a new timeline, scroll to the top of the timeline and click “New Timeline.”

    When you create a story, you’ll see a timeline with a history link next to it.

    You can add and remove stories, add or remove links to a story from the timeline, and add or delete the history history links from the history list.

    To read the story in a browser, go into the story page.

    From the “Story” menu, choose “History,” then select “History Timeline.”

    To see the current version of the story, go back to the story and choose “Read the Story.”

    To add or edit a link in a story in your timeline (which can be a link to another story, a page in a site, or a comment), click on that link in the history link and select the option to edit.

    To add a new story, click and drag a new history link from the list to the new story.

    To delete a history story, choose the “Delete” button in the top right corner.

    To find and read a link or post in the timeline that you don’t want to appear on your timeline for a specific reason, choose a “Show” button from the “Show History” drop-out menu.

    To get into a new topic, click “Add Topic” on the top left of the “Topics” menu.

    A pop-up menu allows you to add or change the topic and add a link.

    Topics can include topics related to a specific topic or topics you’re interested in, as long as the topic isn’t already in the topic list.

    For example, you could add a topic related to the internet to the topics list, and a topic you want in a particular topic to the “Add a Topic” dropdown menu.

    When you add a subject, the “Related Topics” drop down menu shows the topics that people and businesses have mentioned about the topic.

    To edit a topic, you may click the topic in the “Topic” menu to select the edit option.

    When editing a topic in a topic list, you must choose the topic from the dropdown list.

    If you don´t choose a topic from a dropdown, you will get a “Unknown Topic.”

    To find out what other people have mentioned in the same topic, choose another topic from “Show Topic List” from the pop-out navigation menu.

    You also have the option of “Show a Topic List.”

    When the pop out menu opens, you should see the topic you just added or edited.

    Click “Done” to close the pop up menu.

    History search How to view the history by topic How to find your history in the web, using Facebook history How to explore a topic by history


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