An online training site could soon be available for a lot of people, as Google is preparing to launch its next batch of online courses.

    That includes the ones Google is using to train people to get access to, the company’s online video platform.

    “It’s something we want to explore more,” said Marc Benioff, Google’s chief information officer.

    “We want to provide people a good experience, and it’ll be more interesting and useful for them to use in the future.”

    The new courses would be available as part of Google’s “Google for Work” initiative, which Google started in April with the goal of improving the way people get access through its services and the tools that people use on the Internet.

    As part of that effort, Google will begin offering courses for free through a partnership with Udemy.

    The company has also started offering a free online course for those who are already enrolled in the Google for Work program.

    Udemy’s free online education offerings are designed to provide “the most comprehensive online training for students and employers alike,” said Josh Cohen, Udemy vice president of marketing.

    The free online courses are available to anyone who has a Google account, and Udemy is offering up to $250 in credit toward one course.

    For people who want to see how Google is teaching people online, Udys courses are hosted on Google’s Google+ Hangouts, a public Google chatroom where people can post questions or ask questions of other users.

    But there are some limitations to the course, including a requirement that you have a Google Plus account and that you don’t have any questions about the course.

    “Google has really made it really easy for people to access these courses through the Google+ network,” said Benioffer.

    “So there’s a whole new set of possibilities.”

    Google also said it is working on new courses that would allow people to learn how to use Google Glass, a device Google unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

    Glass, which was announced at Google’s I/O event on May 25, is a headset that plugs into your phone, which connects to Google and allows you to communicate and interact with Google services and services from your mobile device.

    “What we’re really excited about is the Glass platform, which is really going to be a game changer for how we interact with the world,” Beniof said.

    Google Glass will allow users to make voice calls on the go, and Glass is currently available for $1,200.

    Google is also offering a course for people who are interested in learning how to create and maintain websites on the Glass.

    It is offering two courses for $300 each.

    Benioffe said Google will also soon be adding more courses to its Glass Learning platform.

    For more on Google, watch the video below: More about Google, Google Glass More stories from around the web


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