This tutorial explains how to build a simple Angular website from scratch.

    It’s based on the AngularJS 2 tutorial.

    This tutorial is a basic introduction to AngularJS, but it covers everything from configuration to deployment, and includes a basic example of building a simple web application with AngularJS.

    If you’re more comfortable with JavaScript and HTML, you can skip this tutorial.

    You’ll find the Angular 2 tutorial here.


    Download and install the official Angular 2 beta 1 package from Google Play.


    Open the Angular2 project and download the official source code from GitHub.


    Install the official angular-cli package.


    Build the Angular application with the Angular CLI.


    Deploy the Angular app to your server using the CLI.


    Install npm and npm run build.

    Install node-dev packages to test the application and create a directory for development.

    1) Download and open the Angular website and follow the instructions.

    2) Select the directory and type in your domain name (e.g. and click Save.

    3) In the console, type: ng serve and press Enter.

    4) On the browser, click the Angular URL and enter: ng server at

    You should see an AngularJS server at the root of your server.

    5) In your browser, navigate to the index.html file and refresh the page.

    6) Navigate to the root page of your site.

    You will see the application on the left and the application that you created at the top of the page at the bottom.

    7) Click the Settings tab.

    Select “Create an Angular project”.

    The project is created and you can access it by clicking the Create button.

    8) Now you have a project to work with.

    9) Click Create button and choose the Angular Application template file to be used for the site.

    10) Click Next.

    11) Select “Start using AngularJS” button.

    12) Choose “Open a web application in AngularJS”.

    Click Next 13) Choose the Angular JS SDK to build and install.

    You can download the Angular SDK from the Angular Web Services repo.

    14) Now click Finish.

    You are now in the root directory of the project.

    You need to add the Angularjs dependencies to the project using the npm command: npm install .

    Now you can build the project by typing: npm run dev .

    15) When you are finished, you should see a build.js file.

    16) Type the following in the terminal window: node server at mydomain:co.UK.

    Enter a name for the Angular server and click OK. 17) To deploy the Angular site, type the following: npm deploy at and press Ctrl+C.

    You must be logged in to the GitHub console to see this.

    18) If everything went well, you’ll see a new project at your site called MySite.

    To test it out, click Test to see if everything went as expected.


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