Wired is now live with a tutorial on how to hack a smartphone into a “mic” that can talk to your computer.

    The site shows off how you can use the built-on microphone to make calls and send text messages.

    You can then use this mic to turn on the phone and control your computer, for example.

    The article says:”Using your phone’s built in mic, you can easily listen in on your smartphone’s internal microphone to receive and record phone calls, send and receive text messages, and control other devices.

    The mic can be configured to operate in various different ways, such as listening for incoming text messages or listening for outgoing calls.

    You have full control over what sounds your phone makes and what happens when it doesn’t.

    It’s easy to customize your mic’s settings to listen to the audio you want.”

    How to hack phone’s micThe website is designed to be easy to follow.

    It is a free download, but requires that you register with the site and enter your phone number.

    You can access the website from your iPhone or iPad.

    The website says the mic works with all iPhone and iPad models.

    “You can turn on and off the mic on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by using your iPhone’s touchscreen or the dedicated mic button on your computer,” the website says.

    “It’s also possible to turn the mic off by pressing the microphone’s mute button on the mic.

    The built-off mic can also be controlled with the built in microphone on your PC, computer, or Mac computer.”

    The tutorial explains how to use the mic and what to do when it does not work.

    “Using the built mic, the phone’s internal speaker can be used to listen for incoming phone calls and incoming texts.

    When the phone is in silent mode, the mic can only be used for text messages and calls,” the tutorial says.”

    The built-out mic can use its built-In microphone to listen and record incoming text calls.

    If you don’t want to listen or record calls or text messages while the phone in silent or silent mode is in standby, you need to enable the mic to make or receive phone calls or send or receive text.”

    You can use a microphone to control your iPhoneIf you want to make a call, you could use your iPhone to speak into the built microphone.

    “Using the microphone, you will be able to dial numbers, text messages to a specific number, or listen to audio messages in a specific way.

    If the phone can’t talk, it will use the microphone to play music or make calls.”

    The video shows the mic being used to make and receive phone and text messages from an iPhone, while the iPhone is in an idle state.

    The tutorial says you can also use the Mic to control an Android phone and its microphone.

    “With the built In mic on the Mic, you’ll be able call the Mic’s mic, and the Mic will make and send and take phone calls with you,” the video says.

    If you’re not using your phone, you should try to make contact with your computer through the built out microphone.

    If your phone is connected to your PC or Mac, you may be able make a phone call from your PC without a phone.

    “When you’re making a call or text message, the Mic can’t be used directly.

    It needs to be plugged into your computer or computer monitor, and you need the Mic for that purpose,” the site says.

    There’s no indication if the tutorial is a tutorial for the Mac OS X version of the app.


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