Microsoft has confirmed it will release an online PHP tutorial within the next couple of months.

    In a blog post, the software giant said that it will open the tutorial for developers “as soon as possible” and “as a service”.

    “We’re taking a page out of Google’s book and creating a PHP tutorial that will allow developers to quickly start building PHP applications,” it said.

    “The new tutorial will also allow you to quickly test your code and share it with other developers.”

    Microsoft’s PHP tutorial will be available on Microsoft’s new website for PHP Developers, which is expected to launch on September 26.

    “We expect the tutorial to be a great resource for anyone interested in developing web applications for Microsoft’s platforms,” Microsoft said.

    The company’s announcement comes amid growing interest in the PHP language from developers around the world.

    In May, Microsoft announced it was planning to open a new PHP tutorial platform for developers.

    “Today, we’re excited to announce a new, free, and open source PHP tutorial service.

    The new tutorial platform will allow anyone to quickly and easily start learning the PHP programming language,” Microsoft added.

    “We’ve been working hard on this new platform and hope you’ll join us.”

    Microsoft is offering a free trial for developers to sign up to its new tutorial service, with access to a series of resources that will help them learn and develop their skills.

    The service is expected “to be a quick and easy way to start learning PHP.”

    Microsoft said that the PHP tutorial is available in its Visual Studio or IDE.


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